New year new me…

Have you set your New Years goals yet? A new year tends to unhide the reset button for most allowing them to move forward with a fresh start. But what is to prevent them from relapsing and quiting too soon, discipline, motivation, willpower, fear of failure?

Most people tend to fail because they quit to soon, or set their goals to low and hit. Relying on motivation can sometimes lead to quitting to soon because the moment you lose motivation you stop. I feel motivation is like a feeling that comes and goes like the tide. This could lead to working on goals whenever you get the feeling.

I feel the secret might be to avoid motivation, and to focus on building habits. The first time you start, it might be tough, like jumping into a cold shower, yea it’s uncomfortable, and you want to jump out. On the second day, it’s still uncomfortable but it’s not as bad as the first day. By the time time you reach the 10th day, your probably indifferent. After a month, and when you skip a cold shower it starts to feel weird because it’s now the norm…


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