Stressed Out?

Stressed 01

“Your either coming from a problem, going into a problem, or in a problem…”

A few years ago, I used to find my self extremely stressed out to the point where I couldn’t fall asleep. Worrying about things that I might need to do, or something that might go wrong.

Other times I would just feel bad about things that happened in the past, not keeping my word, letting people down, or failing an exam. One of the worst things that stressed me out was my job. Having a feeling of knowing that you could be laid off at any moment.

Other times I just worry about my family. My mom and dad especially because I want to be able to take care of them as they get older.

Stressed 02

Over time I picked up a few techniques to deal with stress:

  1. Mediating for 20 minutes a day.
  2. Breathing exercises where I would breathe in slowly and deeply through my mouth, hold it for a few seconds and slowly breath out.

Meditation is great for calming the random chatter in my head, while breathing exercises help with anxiety and stress.

I am not really a religious person, but I take what resonates with me from each religion. Ideally, I try to stay present, while feeling deep love and interconnectedness with everything, and accept that everything that arises passes away.

One state I have been trying to reach is not identifying with anything that is not me, I truly believe this is the road to enlightenment, but I will leave this for another blog.


stress 03

Sometimes you may feel like things are falling apart around you, you may not be happy, but you can be at peace with it.





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Feeling Inspired?

Surrounding yourself with quotes, photos, or listening to a motivational video can help release ideas that may be lying dormant.


Inspired by: ditteschaal

Sometimes watching others push the bounty can inspire us to try things that are out of comfort out zone. One of the thing that’s striking about these photos is the glare from the gloss. It’s subtle, but it seems to bring them alive.


Inspired by: @ditteschaal

The rainbow of colors below reminds of a galaxy, with the white streaks of patches in the sky. It’s always a good idea to try different styles, you never know how it might work out.


Inspired by: @annepromakeupart





Creativity is Everywhere…


Photo by shanmacmua

Happy Friday!! Creative rear, but when you find it you should set it free and let it come out unhindered. One of my favorite make up artist is Shannon, who goes by the name Shanmacmua on IG.


Photo by shanmacmua

She has one of the most vibrant displays of eye shadows on her channel, with varying colors and blending.


Here signature look seems show a subtle display of small hearts, near her eyes.

Photo by shanmacmua






FLII Dual Ring Light


Photo by: @kristinaurribarres

Most ring lights tend to give off cold light, which can give you blueish look. The Dual selfie ring light gives you the best of both worlds. It has both warm and cold LED’s that can be controlled independently.

2019-04-110 - Dual Final4CC__11538.1498419083

The light clips on to anything that is up to 3/4″, it has a front facing mirror, and it’s rechargeable. It usually lasts about two hours at full brightness but can last even longer when it’s set low.

Instead of buttons, this ring light uses dials to control the brightness. So you can vary the light exactly how you want.

Check out the youtube video here by K3Chocolate: Video

One of the cons here is that you always have to recharge it, and it’s not as bright or as large as some other ring lights because they are about 3.5 inches.

In summary, these lights offer both warm and cold lighting at an affordable price compared to the larger ring lights at $80 to $100 plus.

Available here:


On Goals….

2019-04-08 Life

Listing to Tony Robbin’s yesterday at the gym, he is a great motivational speaker who inspired others, but to be honest, I never liked his book. I did, however, like to listen to his YouTube videos,”Attitude is Everything“. In this video, he spoke a lot about rituals…

This reminded me of building habits. I think a lot of people rely on motivation, but “motivation never lasts” as Tony would say. I truly believe this… it’s easier to fall into a routine whether it’s good or bad. You might have a goal that you are working on, maybe it’s to lose weight or to gain muscle or pass an exam. The first day you might hate it because life can be full of unexpected hurdles and speedbumps, but if you keep going, after one month, it starts to become a habit or the norm, and it’s easier to do what’s the norm than it is to find motivation.

You tend to be the average of the 5 closest people you hang around so it might be a good idea to surround yourself with people who have similar goals. While they are trying to accomplish their goals, they might unintentionally inspire you to work on or harder at your goals after seeing the success they achieved.


Perfecting Your Photos


Photo by: @creationsbystacia

Lighting – A lot of people tend to underestimate the effects of lighting. There are many lighting effects you can use. Split lighting, butterfly, or Rembrandt light. These can add effects to the photo that make them dramatic.

Below is an example of how to achieve split lighting:

Photo by:

Posing – It’s always a good idea to have something to focus on. Try looking in the direction of your nose.  This creates a focused and confident look.

Makeup – A nice tip might be to color coordinate your make up with your outfit and background. This can add a nice subtle touch the make the viewer like the photo without fully understanding why.



Selfie Bluetooth Review

Review time…



This little gadget has been around for a while, it’s small compact and works with both iPhones and Andriod. It has two buttons one for iPhone and the other for androids which activates the camera flash.

Setting it up is pretty simple, enable bluetooth on your phone, turn on the remote, it will flash blue for a few seconds, then the light will go solid, that means it’s connected. Then open up your camera app and press the camera button on the remote.


Split Face Lighting

We talked a lot about lighting, but I think we can dive in a lot more and pull everything we discussed about color temperatures, camera angles, and positions to create a dramatic photo…

Photo by: @k3chocolate

Positioning the camera 30 degrees to the left or right of your face will illuminate one side and leave a slight shadow on the other side of your face.

Normally, a reflector can be used to illuminate the bottom of your face, however you can also use a mini ring light at the lowest setting with the same or better results. Using two lights at these angles will eliminate unflattering shadows.

Photo by: @gladymelendez

Positioning the camera behind the lighting source enough to capture a the the background. If you can pull of color coordinating you background with your makeup and outfit this can really add the finishing touches.


Posing Tips

If you are looking to experiment with different poses for your selfies, the butterfly light effect might be something you can try out, positioning the lighting source behind the camera, like in the photo below:

Photo by: @sarahbroadgatemua  | MUA | Bridal, Makeovers, 1-1 Lessons

When posing, it’s a good idea to have something for your eyes to focus on so that your eyes are looking in the direction as your nose. Also, having a background the complements your style can add a subtle touch that makes the photo more attractive. Holding the lighting source higher above but not necessarily the camera can help eliminate unflattering photos. You can use a secondary lighting source directly below your chin like a reflector. So long as you are using two lighting sources this will eliminate unwanted shadows.