Perfecting Your Photos


Photo by: @creationsbystacia

Lighting – A lot of people tend to underestimate the effects of lighting. There are many lighting effects you can use. Split lighting, butterfly, or Rembrandt light. These can add effects to the photo that make them dramatic.

Below is an example of how to achieve split lighting:

Photo by:

Posing – It’s always a good idea to have something to focus on. Try looking in the direction of your nose.  This creates a focused and confident look.

Makeup – A nice tip might be to color coordinate your make up with your outfit and background. This can add a nice subtle touch the make the viewer like the photo without fully understanding why.



Selfie Bluetooth Review

Review time…



This little gadget has been around for a while, it’s small compact and works with both iPhones and Andriod. It has two buttons one for iPhone and the other for androids which activates the camera flash.

Setting it up is pretty simple, enable bluetooth on your phone, turn on the remote, it will flash blue for a few seconds, then the light will go solid, that means it’s connected. Then open up your camera app and press the camera button on the remote.


Split Face Lighting

We talked a lot about lighting, but I think we can dive in a lot more and pull everything we discussed about color temperatures, camera angles, and positions to create a dramatic photo…

Photo by: @k3chocolate

Positioning the camera 30 degrees to the left or right of your face will illuminate one side and leave a slight shadow on the other side of your face.

Normally, a reflector can be used to illuminate the bottom of your face, however you can also use a mini ring light at the lowest setting with the same or better results. Using two lights at these angles will eliminate unflattering shadows.

Photo by: @gladymelendez

Positioning the camera behind the lighting source enough to capture a the the background. If you can pull of color coordinating you background with your makeup and outfit this can really add the finishing touches.


Posing Tips

If you are looking to experiment with different poses for your selfies, the butterfly light effect might be something you can try out, positioning the lighting source behind the camera, like in the photo below:

Photo by: @sarahbroadgatemua  | MUA | Bridal, Makeovers, 1-1 Lessons

When posing, it’s a good idea to have something for your eyes to focus on so that your eyes are looking in the direction as your nose. Also, having a background the complements your style can add a subtle touch that makes the photo more attractive. Holding the lighting source higher above but not necessarily the camera can help eliminate unflattering photos. You can use a secondary lighting source directly below your chin like a reflector. So long as you are using two lighting sources this will eliminate unwanted shadows.


Broad Light Selfie Shots

How to achieve a broad light shot…


One of the best ways to make your selfies attractive is to experiment with lighting, different angles, and positions. The photo above is by @rrebelliouss , the background is slightly illuminated, but the main source of lighting is to the top left. Having the light slightly above usually has the effect of eliminating unflattering shadows. Turning your head about 30 degrees away will focus the light on the broadside of your face, hence the term broad light. This creates a slight shadow on the far side of your face, and under the chin.

I recommend experimenting with this and see the results you get. Also, bring your ears/chin slightly forward can help give you a more defining jawline.  The result is typically a more dramatic look. I am a huge fan of smiling because I believe it’s contagious and it puts the viewer in a positive mood. but in this case, she went for a more subtle expression which created an adorable look.


Split Face Lighting

If you are looking for ways to have fun with your selfies, you have a few options to experiment, particularly different styles of lighting and angles.

Split light portraits are photos where light primarily illuminates one side of your face, where there is a shadow on the other side.  Positioning the light source slightly above your face helps to avoid any unflattering shadows.

You can try this If you move the light source almost at a 90-degree angle, eighter right or left to your face, you will get a split light. There, the light will illuminate one side of your face, highlighting it and cast a complete shadow on the other side of your face. This can give more of a dramatic lighting effect.  Tilting the camera slightly is great to make your photo unique because it makes it stand out from other photos. It seems like It draws your attention to it if you’re just glancing by.


Photo by: @sylaa_m


SFX Contest

We are working with @5fingerssfx who is going to be hosting a competition for the most creative SFX post with a theme around magic. Their post typically focus on SFX, hence their profile name, here are a few photos from there profile.


Photo by: @_facebeat_


Photo by: @ryankellymua

Below are the rules to play.


Basic Details:
1. Create a look that invokes the sense of MAGIC! This can be SFX, Body Paints, Glam, etc. AND (this may be controversial, but its my contest so…) I will allow Post Photo Editing! I want to be transported by your artwork!!
2. Open International! (For all my friends around the globe!)
3. There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners! (Prize details soon!)
4. Use the hashtag #5FingersSFXMagic on your entries. (Multiple entries permitted, but know that quantity won’t increase your chances. I want quality!!)
5. The entry deadline is April 22nd at midnight EST.
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DIY Lighting for Under $30

In bathrooms, sometimes the lighting quality is poor and this can make it difficult to see all the areas of your face clearly. However, there are some inexpensive alternatives we can look at.

LED strip lighting is a quick way to add lighting to your mirrors. They stick around the edges of the mirror, they are dimmable and come with a remote control.

Other great options are these cute little LED bulbs that stick on to mirror, they are also dimmable and come in a set of 10 and priced around $20.

Next up are mini ring lights, they are rechargeable and clip on to anything that’s up to 3/4 inch thick. They are usually priced are $14. They can be clipped on to mirrors, laptops, phones, or any thing you can think of.



This blog is about FLII mini ring lights. They are about 3 inches in diameter, and feature about 40 led emitters. The color temperature is about 5000k to 6000k which means that the lighting is cold. They are also rechargeable, and last about 2 hours with a charge time of about 1 hour.

They are no comparison to natural light, or the larger 18″ ring lights and you constantly have to recharge them and they only clip on to to things that are less that 3/4 inch thick.

The only real advantage this light might have is that is that they are portable and affordable. They also offer an inexpensive way for “do it your self” lighting because they are clip-ones.

Check out reviews here


What are Butterfly Portraits?

Butterfly lighting comes from the shadow thats created under the nose. This happens when the lighting source is placed behind and above the camera. This is most often used in beauty shots, and leaves a slight shadow on the the neck.

This affect can also be simulated by placing a reflector below the chin. This can have the effect of emphasizing the check bone.


Position the light slightly above and behind the camera, if needed a reflector can be placed under your face to emphases your checks.