The final winners have been selected for the SFX magical theme. This contest was hosted by 5fingerssfx and sponsored by us.

A huge congratulations for all the hard work and effort that went into making this happen.


Third place – Medusa :

Inspired by: jb2thez


Second Place – Cursed Queen

 Inspired by: erica_bleu_art


First Place  – Patched Beauty

Inspired by: beiy02


Feeling Inspired?

Surrounding yourself with quotes, photos, or listening to a motivational video can help release ideas that may be lying dormant.


Inspired by: ditteschaal

Sometimes watching others push the bounty can inspire us to try things that are out of comfort out zone. One of the thing that’s striking about these photos is the glare from the gloss. It’s subtle, but it seems to bring them alive.


Inspired by: @ditteschaal

The rainbow of colors below reminds of a galaxy, with the white streaks of patches in the sky. It’s always a good idea to try different styles, you never know how it might work out.


Inspired by: @annepromakeupart





SFX Contest

We are working with @5fingerssfx who is going to be hosting a competition for the most creative SFX post with a theme around magic. Their post typically focus on SFX, hence their profile name, here are a few photos from there profile.


Photo by: @_facebeat_


Photo by: @ryankellymua

Below are the rules to play.


Basic Details:
1. Create a look that invokes the sense of MAGIC! This can be SFX, Body Paints, Glam, etc. AND (this may be controversial, but its my contest so…) I will allow Post Photo Editing! I want to be transported by your artwork!!
2. Open International! (For all my friends around the globe!)
3. There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners! (Prize details soon!)
4. Use the hashtag #5FingersSFXMagic on your entries. (Multiple entries permitted, but know that quantity won’t increase your chances. I want quality!!)
5. The entry deadline is April 22nd at midnight EST.
Don’t worry! It’s easy!
1. Repost this photo, tagging #5fingerssfxmagic .
2. Follow the Sponsors and Judges (this is just a simple thanks for their generosity and awesomness!) And stay tuned for more sponsors! *fingers crossed lol*.
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